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What Is Pen Spinning?


Pen spinning is growing in popularity as of late. Chances are you already saw our video showcasing why, but if you haven't check it out here. We think you will be blown away at how deep these performers take the skill.

If  you are interested in trying your own hand at pen spinning, we have talked to the most passionate enthusiasts and performers around the world to compile a list of the best pens for pen spinning. (Plus we highlight some popular pen spinning tricks  & tutorials you may be interested in)

But first! a quick catch-up if you are unfamiliar with the pen spinning world.

Where Did Pen Spinning Come From?


Nobody really knows exactly where pen spinning came from. You can find mentions of it in pre-WWII era Japanese literature and print. Which  is no surprise that the most authoritative and oldest pen spinning site belongs to a Japanese native spinner, Hideaki Kondoh. The problem is if you don't speak Japanese, then the site may be a bit confusing. However it has a whole slew of pen spinning tutorials accompanied by free downloadable videos. So if your interesting in learning how to pen spin here you can  learn some of the easy pen spinning tricks to get a start on.

On the western front David Weis was a pioneer in early pen spinning, and the author of the first English pen spinning site. He took most, if not all of the pen spinning tricks from Kideaki's website, but expanded his trick list even further. Some of today's popular tricks like the "backaround" and the "neobackaround" were invented by David.  His site is a gold mine of cool pen spinning tricks for you to gawk at.

One of the other early adopters of pen spinning was Kam Kuo, who created a website geared towards teaching newcomers the basics of pen spinning. His site, first dubbed Pentix soon evolved into the Universal Pen Spinning Board (UPSB) which is now a central hub for the community. He not only provided a rich database of pen spinning tutorials full of all the best pen spinning tricks, he also kickstarted the entire pen spinning mod movement.

Fast forward to 2016 and there are over 20 viable pen spinning communities around the world. The Universal Pen Spinning Board (UPSB) is like a central intersection for all of these communities to interact with each other.

Spinners will collab together or videos showcasing their best pen spinning tricks to straight up organizing the biggest pen spinning world tournament. Needless to say the pen spinning community is thriving and very accosting to newcomers. Don't hesitate to check it out!

Now in no particular order,  below you can find a list of our favorite pen spinning pens here at Kuma Films.

Our 3 Favorite Beginner Pen Spinning Pens


Now, the RSVP MX is highly thought of  as the one of the best pens for beginners to pick up for very good reason. With its highly customizable colors and ability for paper insert designs, it’s definitely a favorite of some pen spinners.

It is also a popular pen for mods as there are plenty of mod kits to buy from and it is fairly easy to create you own mods and customize the pen weights to fit your own personal style.


Dr. Grip

The "Pilot Dr. Grip Pen" is also extremely popular for good reason. One it is a great pen to write with anyway, two it is extremely forgiving in its weight distribution thus making it great for learning on. If you are looking for a pilot dr. grip review then look no further! This pen is awesome!  Not to mention you can get a killer pokemon version of the pen as well for all your nerdy needs. That is a plus 10 Internets in our book!



Zebra Telescopic Pen

The Zebra Telescopic Pen is another popular pen to learn pen spinning tricks on. Like most pens it is cheap to invest in, fairly durable and forgiving in it's weight displacement. Like the other pens it also lends itself well to mods.


Honorable Mentions


Well thats it folks, whether you are interesting in simply learning some easy pen spinning tricks or interested in more advanced pen spinning tutorials the above 3 pens you cannot go wrong with.

If you are looking a good resource for beginners, the pen spinning reddit thread has a great pen spinning for beginners resource